What is Pebble Tossers?

Tossing Pebbles.  Watching the ripples.  It’s fun to see how that tiny pebble can have such far-reaching impact.  Similarly, one child and one act of service can create far-reaching ripples of giving that span their family, community, and lifetime. But finding a meaningful service project for kids can be tricky and time-consuming.  That’s why in 2008 two Atlanta women created Pebble Tossers Inc., a nonprofit youth service organization and family volunteering resource that makes it easy to find fun, age-appropriate service projects for kids and teens in Metro Atlanta.

Pebble Tossers has done all the leg-work for you, helping you Find, Take Action, Record, and Reflect On, fun volunteer projects with local, pre-screened organizations in need of assistance. Pebble Tossers Projects are age appropriate and cover 12 major cause areas including The Arts, Animals, Citizenship, Education & Literacy, Elderly, Environment, Families in Crisis, Fragile Children, Global Awareness, Homeless, Hunger, and US Troops & Veterans. 

Pebble Tossers additionally hosts monthly Community Service Projects where kids can volunteer and learn about other local nonprofit organizations and their missions to improve our community.

Our Mission and Vision

Pebble Tossers is a youth development nonprofit with a mission to empower and equip youth to lead through service.

Pebble Tossers envisions a society where volunteerism and philanthropy are a natural part of everyday life.

Pebble Tossers promotes service learning and engaging youth in social responsibility by organizing and connecting youth and families with age-appropriate service projects. Youth volunteerism promotes a healthy lifestyle, discourages negative choices, enhances development and teaches needed life skills. Additionally, Pebble Tossers hosts customized youth development workshops and enrichment opportunities; and assists schools and corporations in planning and coordinating Days of Service to promote a culture of service and social responsibility.

Providing engaging programs for youth and their families helps develop sustained, strength-building relationships for adolescents. In a unique way, service provides opportunities for youth to take on leadership roles, to problem solve, to cooperate with others, and to be part of solutions in our world. This can lead to better self-esteem and that feeling of doing good!

How Pebble Tossers Works

Pebble Tossers’ database is currently undergoing major reconstruction!  Once we relaunch this portion of our website, we ask that all volunteers register to become a Pebble Tossers volunteer.

Membership create your own Pebble Tossers Volunteer Record and you will receive monthly alerts of new service project opportunities.  We will have different sponsorship member levels to ensure that Pebble Tossers can continue to provide you with high quality projects and resources.  The tiered sponsorship levels will offer different options to best suit your needs.  We do not share member information.

What Members Receive:

1.  Tons of Ways to FIND Volunteer Projects:

    • Anytime Volunteer Projects:  Browse our projects, organizations and cause areas, or get matched using our Pebble Tossers Search Engine.
    • Pre-Scheduled Pebble Tossers Events:  We’ll notify you of pre-planned Community Service Projects throughout the year.  We host weekly projects, each benefitting different Pebble Tossers® Affiliate Charity Organizations.
    • “Donate Your Stuff” Resources:  Got some old Crocs gathering dust?  Eye-glasses?  Toys and videos?  We tell you how and where to donate (and recycle!) discarded clothing and household items to an organization that needs it. (coming soon)
    • Community Event Calendar:  Check out our Calendar of Community Volunteer Events at any time to find upcoming service opportunities that work with your schedule. (coming soon)
    • Awards and Scholarships:  Learn about local and national service awards and scholarships being given to youth that are making a difference in their communities. (coming soon)

2.  All the leg-work is done so you can TAKE ACTION:

    • Project summaries including description, instructions, age-requirements, estimated number of service hours, and a list of pre-screened organizations to choose from who have requested that project.
    • Organization summaries that provide background on each organization, their mission, cause area, contact names and numbers, map location and website link.
    • A one-page project print-out summarizing all of the information needed to plan, complete and validate your service hours including contact info, map, validation signature box, and a place to enter mileage and other expenses for tax purposes.

3.  Tools to RECORD and REFLECT On Their Hours and Experiences:

    • Volunteer Record:  Tag projects that interest you, record service hours, and reflect on your personal experiences and learnings.
    • Civic Transcript:  We will convert your Pebble Tossers Volunteer Record into an official Civic Transcript print-out to serve as service-hour documentation for your school, civic or faith-based organization, and can be used when applying to high schools, colleges, or for awards and scholarships.

4.  Other Features:

  • Awards, Scholarships and Grants.  Many local and national companies and organizations offer awards, scholarships and grants to students actively involved in community service.  Pebble Tossers posts links to these offerings.