Cabot Community Celebrity Award

As you all know, our volunteers at Pebble Tossers are truly some of the best in Atlanta, if not the whole country! And this month, we have an opportunity to prove it by highlighting one superb volunteer through a partnership with Cabot Creamery.

Cabot Creamery is a co-operative of Northeast dairy farm families who have been making cheese and other dairy products since 1919. These families depend on their communities, just as the communities depend on the families. Rooted in this sense of community, Cabot Creamery honors and rewards volunteers around the country who give back to their own communities.

For the last seven years, Cabot has celebrated volunteers who have selflessly dedicated their hearts and time, and rewards them with a trip of a lifetime – an amazing week-long cruise for extraordinary volunteers from all around the U.S.!

This March, Cabot Creamery is coming to Atlanta to thank all of the non-profit volunteers in our community for their hard work and commitment. They have asked all of us – Pebble Tossers staff, volunteers or supporters – to join them by nominating volunteers who we believe go above and beyond to support Pebble Tossers and the Atlanta community.

Do you know a volunteer from who deserves to be recognized? Someone who volunteers many hours of his or her time purely for the sake of helping others? Someone who doesn’t brag or boast about his or her efforts but deserves some recognition? Someone who has helped change the Atlanta community for the better? If so, please nominate this volunteer to be Cabot Creamery’s Atlanta Cabot Community Celebrity 2017. You can nominate volunteers here anytime between now and March 10, 2017.

The Atlanta honoree will be notified by email or phone, by March 17, 2017. Let’s make one of our Pebble Tossers volunteers the Atlanta Cabot Community Celebrity.

Click here to Nominate an Outstanding Volunteer!


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