Enjoy Better Health in 2017!!

Did you know that volunteering is great for both mental and physical health? It’s true! In addition to the many positive mental benefits of volunteering, giving of your time and efforts benefits your physical health as well.

Studies show that people who volunteer feel more socially connected, less lonely and are better able to avoid depression. And, a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that adults who volunteer on a regular basis are less likely to develop high blood pressure, a primary contributor to heart disease, stroke and pre-mature death, and have lower stress levels than non-volunteers. While these studies apply primarily to older adults, evidence also indicates that younger volunteers are less likely to suffer mental and physical ill health later in life.

In 2017, right next to your resolution to ‘go to the gym,’ add an intention to ‘volunteer more.’ Giving back to your community has never felt so good!

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