What Is A Good Citizen?

What does it mean to be a good citizen? To display good citizenship? In the United States, our citizenship is bestowed at birth. We do nothing to earn it. However, we have a choice in how steward it.

Will we spend our time and energy looking out for only ourselves? Will we snap a dozen selfies and labor over choosing the best one? Will we assume that what we do has no impact on others?

Citizenship may define us as individuals, but it also ties us to a broader community and offers us the opportunity to impact it in positive and meaningful ways. How will you contribute to the world in 2018?

At Pebble Tossers, we’re focusing on citizenship in January. We’re looking ahead to a year of possibilities and considering how we can be a part of the good in the world. There are so many innovative, creativity, and optimistic young leaders serving all across the country, and we are thrilled to be a part of that great citizenship community.

Also in January, we remember the example of Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” While doing the right thing sounds straightforward, it is often harder than it sounds. Committing our time and energy to serve others requires sacrifice.

We see how Dr. King served time in jail, experienced intense criticism, and was eventually killed as he worked to do what was right. What are will willing to sacrifice or endure to serve others?

Some of our sacrifices may seem small in comparison to Dr. King. Maybe we have to give up our Saturday morning when we’d rather be sleeping in or playing video games. Perhaps we have to push ourselves to speak with someone we wouldn’t normally talk to. Or maybe we have to not complain when we’re asked to serve in a way we don’t want to.

All these small and big sacrifices help us shift our focus from our individualism to the society around us. They help us become better citizens.

Will you join us in pursuing good citizenship this January? Jump in and join one of our service projects. Volunteer to participate in the good happening across our city. It may require something of you, but you will be stepping into the legacy of leaders like Dr. King, who show us that good citizens make a difference by serving others.

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